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    St Matthew's BBC School Report

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    St Matthew's BBC School Report

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    St Matthew's BBC School Report

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    St Matthew's BBC School Report

On Wednesday 21st January 2015, 10 children from St Matthews Book Club had the opportunity to visit BBC Media City for the BBC School Report practise day and during their visit they were able to interview one of the CBBC News round presenters, Hayley Hassel. The children went into a building that looked very modern and the furniture was quite contemporary. 

Firstly, they were invited to join in with news rounds additional meeting with both the editors and presenters, they were allowed to give their opinion on the show and what they thought would make news round more appealing for children.  The presenters asked the children what they could have done to improve their last bulletin and what stories they could show, everyone was able to participate in the meeting and was asked if they had any ideas to contribute. In the meeting they talked about a new programme called “ pets wild at heart”, and the children were asked if they thought their pets had secret lives, four children were interviewed by CBBC News round presenter Ricky Boleto for the next bulletin at 4:20. 

After the editors meeting was over, everyone had the opportunity to interview one of news rounds presenters, Hayley Hassel and she even reversed the interview and started asking the children questions showing how professional she is.  James (the News round website designer) was the last person to be interviewed, he explained to them how he adds the pictures and videos to the website and how he gets it all working, he enthusiastically answered the many questions they had about the website. 

At the end of the day, everyone who wanted to, had the chance to try out a new type of gaming equipment called the Oculus Rift, a special head set that you put over your eyes and makes you feel like you are actually inside the game. When they got the opportunity to play the game, some of them went on a rollercoaster and they felt like they were actually on it and tipping from side to side, others went on a classic city tour and concert and felt like they were really there. 

Before leaving, they had a quick tour around BBC Radio show Five live. Overall everyone enjoyed their experience and found it to be a fabulous and inspiring opportunity! 


This was Georgina reporting for BBC school report. 

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