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    St Matthew's BBC School Report

As of April 2017, the ambulance service will be using a more eco-friendly way to save lives,

 the electric cars. The four vehicles (an updated version of the BMW i3) the newer model has

 a system which allows it to supplement its electricity power with a small petrol engine which

 can generate electricity. It will be patrolling in Bury and Rochdale; they say the car will 

only be used in extreme circumstances; the reason for this is that they can get to emergencies 

quicker. Its aimed at saving ambulance service about £2.5m in fuel costs over a four year period

 and it has an annual saving of £4,300 per vehicle in maintenance and fuel cost. Neil Maher

 (the cars assistant director) said ‘the introduction of these electrically powered cars will not only cut fuel

 costs in half! It will also have a huge impact on our carbon foot print, reducing the contribution of our RRV’s

 from 1379.28 tonnes to 100.8 tonnes, a reduction of 73 per cent.’

 – William O’connor


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