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An Interview with Andrew Simcock (Councillor of Didbury) 

On Wednesday 10th February 2016 we will be taking a trip to one of Manchester iconic buildings the Central Library where we shall be interviewing Cllr Andrew Simcock on his recent successful campaign  for a Memorial Statue of MRS  Pankhurst of the Suffragette Movement pictured above speaking to very skeptical looking men with regard to ‘votes for women’ this is a new venture for Manchester as it seems the only female statue we have at the moment is Queen Victoria there are countless Male statues and I am pleased to say Mrs. Pankhurst is a well-deserved subject to help in a very small way to redress the balance we will be giving a full report after the interview with Cllr Simcock, we understand the Statue of Mrs. Pankhurst will be situated at the Manchester Central Library and will be unveiled sometime in 2019

Pictured below is the newly renovated sitting room of the original house of the ‘s  in Plymouth Grove Manchester where meetings took place for the Suffrage movement.

Mrs. Wall


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